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Case Study: Pond Construction on Nature Reserve Using Bentonite Lining – Kites Hill

Client: World Land Trust

Wetland design & construction – Autumn 2009

Project outline

The Kites Hill Nature Reserve in Gloucestershire combines both fallow grasslands with native beech woodland which has been designated SSSI. The World Land Trust, which owns and manages the site, are keen to create a number of habitats on the site and gained permission to construct a 300 square metre pond in one of the fields to encourage biodiversity.

Services Provided

JPR Environmental undertook the pond construction excavating to a depth of 2 metres in some areas and creating the profile to accept the Bentonite liner. The liner was installed and covered to a depth of 15cm with excavated material. The pond is filling naturally with rain water running from the hill. The pond was fenced to prevent damage by cattle grazing in the field. A cattle watering area was included at one end of the pond with access for animals