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Case Study: Reserve Management & Advice – Rodley

Client: Rodley Nature Reserve Trust

Ecological Contracting Project – 2002-2004

Project outline

The Rodley Nature Reserve is a flourishing volunteer led wetland reserve on the outskirts of Leeds. The reserve was designed and built in the 1990s but there were problems with the water flow across the site and retention in the designated marsh area. There were also further elements of landscaping that had to be designed and implemented to create the range of habitats desired.

Services Provided

JPR Environmental was retained to give water and landscaping advice for the reserve for two years which was grant funded. We also undertook the practical works required to redirect water flows and raise the levels where required across the site.

We recommended and undertook wildflower seeding of a large field on the reserve to grow seed producing bird friendly plants such as Kale and Sunflower.

We planted over 400m of hedgerow along the border of the reserve and undertook some vegetation clearance in the willow coppice contained on the reserve.