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Do you need a quote for desilting or dredging a pond or lake?

JPR Environmental have experience of desilting ponds and lakes to keep waterscapes free of the build up of organic matter.

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Soil washed down stream or migrating from banks or leaf litter can build up in a pond or lake.

As waste matter increases, it can be colonised by plants and even small trees and scrub.  Silted up ponds and lakes can become stagnant, smelly and even increase the risk of flooding.

The desilting process.

Initially, we can survey your pond or lake to determine the depth and composition of your silt problem.  This is important in the process of working out the best plan for disposal of silt – either on or offsite.

We use the best methods to preserve water quality

We are adept at making sure any desilting works have the minimum impact on surrounding fauna and flora.

Keeping silt onsite can save money

For example, in one mill pond we excavated over 1000 cubic metres of silt.  This would have been very expensive to remove from site completely so we created a bunded area which formed a new terrace in their garden.  You will find more information on this project by clicking here.

We can help with desilting and dredging ponds and lakes

We have the experience, equipment and staff to help you make your waterscape beautiful again.

“Call us on 01453 708804 or email us with your enquiry”