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Great crested newt habitat isolation project, Popley, Basingstoke

This short video shows the great crested newt mitigation work that JPR has helped their client with over the past 10 years on a large housing development in Basingstoke.

Client: David Wilson Homes Southern

David Wilson Homes Southern have been developing the site at Popley for more than 10 years and building 1000s of new homes. The site has wildlife significance due to its large population of great crested newts.

This has meant that an extensive programme of mitigation works has been necessary in order to gain planning permission and move through the phases of development.

The services of JPR Environmental were engaged for David Wilson Homes by the ecological consultancy, The Landmark Practice, and we have been working closely with the ecologists and the developer for more than a decade to ensure that the mitigation works do not delay development. During this time, we have provided the following services:

  • supply and installation of temporary newt exclusion fencing
  • supply and installation of newt pitfall traps
  • supply and installation of permanent exclusion fencing
  • ongoing fence maintenance
  • JPR is on hand to isolate areas of the site when the developer is ready to move on to the latest house building phase.

To date, we have:

  • installed more than 6km of newt proof fencing
  • undertaken repairs and maintenance on the fencing
  • installed and removed traps as necessary
  • As a point of interest, more than 7,000 newts were translocated as part of the first stages of the development.

This is a very large great crested newt migitation project in the south of England – we have also worked on smaller mitigation projects and would be happy to provide you with a quote for your work – just get in contact.

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