Newt Fencing

Do you need a quote for great crested newt or slow worm exclusion fencing?

JPR Environmental has installed 1000s of metres of newt and slow worm fencing to isolate sites for surveying and development.

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  • Temporary great crested newt fencing at Avonmouth Docks
  • Temporary great crested newt fencing on a housing development
  • Permanent great crested newt fencing using steel panels on a housing development
Do you need to fulfill planning conditions before you can start your development?

Our newt fencing services cover all stages of habitat isolation projects from marking out through to the installation of newt fences and traps including on-going newt fence maintenance, to final removal.  We can isolate large or small sites and those with restricted access.

Are you an ecologist or developer?

We have been instructed by both ecologists and developers to deal with protected species mitigation work.  We can work with an ecological clerk of works or our very experienced staff can be trusted on site to deal with any protected species issues that may arise.

Do you want a quote for or advice on newt or slow worm exclusion fencing?  For advice or a quote, please Contact us.

We principally employ a compact trencher on newt fence installations.  This minimises the potential impact on resident populations.  We use a mini digger on sites with rougher ground when appropriate and can also dig lengths manually where there is a particular sensitivity.

Types of Newt Fencing

JPR Environmental offers the full range of fencing specifications from temporary sheet and post to semi-permanent 1mm plastic panels and sheet and permanent HDPE planels.  We can supply and install all brands of amphibian and reptile fencing according to our clients’ requirements. We can also supply and install a lifetime guaranteed, galvanised steel system.

We regularly monitor our competitors’ prices and can say with confidence that we are highly competitive when quoting for projects in the UK.

Unlike some fencing suppliers who also install, we are not tied to a specific system and can therefore offer the best solution at the most reasonable cost.

If you would like to read more about newt fencing, go to our What is Newt Fencing page.

Go to our protected species page for more information on great crested newts and slow worms.

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