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Newt and reptile fencing projects

Great crested newt mitigation - Moreton-in-Marshrsh

JPR helped Bovis Homes to discharge their planning requirements on a housing development site in Moreton-in-Marsh. Following plans developed by an ecological consultancy, JPR installed over 3,000 metres of newt fencing, 300 pitfall traps and refuges in addition to creating a large receptor site consisting of 2 ponds, a wildlife scrape, 2 basking banks, 7 large hibernacula and over 2,000 native plants. The work was carried out in surch a way that Bovis were able to get on site quickly and undertake preparations for their development work with the minimum delay.

Reptile, boundary and tree protection fencing - Charfieldrsh

JPR originally quoted for the reptile exclusion fencing on this site for the client, Crest Nicholson, due to the presence of slow worms. As experienced contractors, we were also able to undertake the requirements for 800m of tree protection fencing and 300m of heras fencing. The tree protection fencing doubled as the boundary fence which save the client time and money.

Badger sett creation and badger-proof fencing - Pershorersh

Bovis Homes needed to create an artificial badger sett on a site where an existing badger sett was in the development area. As experienced, ecological contractors, JPR was able to create the badger sett and fence the old sett in such a way as to encourage the badgers to use the new sett. The client was able to discharge this planning requirement quickly in order to proceed with development works.

Newt Fencing – North Basingstoke

3,500m of newt fencing and over 800 traps were installed on this residential development site in August 2014. This is the fifth phase of this development and JPR has been ecological contractors on site since the outset in 2004. In a recent review of the fate of great crested newts populations following development, this site was the only one to show a favourable conservation status and little to no impact on the size of the population.

Newt Fencing – Northolt

2,400m of newt fencing and 300 traps were installed at a shooting school in West London. The school is extending its ranges and raising the safety bund around the site and great crested newts were found in a pond just off site. This was an interesting job with a few hairy moments when we were peppered with fallout from the clays but our rigorous risk assessment and methodology prevented any accidents and allowed the school to continue to function whilst we surrounded it with fencing.

Badger Fencing – Filton

500m of badger proof fencing was installed either side of a new road leading into a housing development in Spring 2014. The fencing consisted of post and 3 rails fencing with specialist mesh attached and dug into the ground to 50cm. The fencing created wings on either side of a tunnel entrance to guide the badgers under the road.

Newt Fencing, Newt Translocation & Vegetation Management – Wantage

2,500m of newt fencing was installed on this development site in short time to attempt to get the site cleared before the hibernation shut down in the winter of 2013. JPR also undertook the trapping programme and managed to clear a number of compartments through active vegetation management to allow the developers to get onto part of the site before the winter break. The remainder was cleared in Spring 2014 and we have been managing the vegetation in the assigned newt habitat since.

Newt/Reptile Fencing – Pease Pottage

In Spring 2014, JPR installed 2,700m of newt/reptile fencing on a challenging site to facilitate the renovation and enlargement of a dam in the River Mole catchment area. The site varied from open grassland to vertiginous wooded slopes when trenches were hand dug whilst roped to neighbouring tree trunks. Vehicular access was limited and materials had to be carried by hand to some areas of site. Old fencing from a previous mitigation exercise was also removed.

Vegetation Management, Reptile Fencing & Destructive Search Support - Bristol

Four locations across South East Bristol were sensitively cleared of vegetation to encourage reptiles to vacate the areas prior to fencing in May 2014. 2,500m of reptile exclusion fencing was installed across some quite challenging terrain using a combination of trencher and excavator to dig the trench, depending on conditions. The vegetation was cut back again just before the end of the trapping period to flush out any remaining animals. JPR supported the ecologists with manpower, hand tools and a small excavator during the destructive search when a number of potential habitat features were dismantled.

Newt Fencing – Cotswold Water Park

In April 2014, JPR installed 3,700m of newt fence in a number of locations across a lakeside development at the Cotswold Water Park. This was to facilitate the next phase of this prestigious development and particular consideration had to be given to the existing residents. We completed the job within 2 weeks with no interruption to the normal routine on the development.

Reptile Fencing – Conwy Valley

JPR travelled to the edge of the Snowdonia National Park to install 2,300m of reptile fencing to enclose an old aluminium smelting site in preparation for development. The ground conditions were very mixed and we had to call in some local help with small excavators to dig trenches. This was caused by a collapse of the adjacent mountainside over 100 years ago that had covered the area in stone and large rocks. The site is now being transformed into the world’s first artificial surfing lagoon due to open in 2015.

Newt Fencing & Trapping – Gloucestershire

In April 2014, JPR was asked to install 350m of drift fencing on a potential development site in North Gloucestershire to check for the presence of newts prior to a potential planning application to develop housing. We also undertook the trapping programme and the outcome was that there were newts on the site and the development plans were reassessed.

Newt Fencing, Trapping & Habitat Enhancement - Wiltshire

In October 2013, JPR was asked to install 1,700m of newt exclusion and drift fencing at a site outside Melksham. We were also asked to undertake the trapping out of amphibians and reptiles. This was interrupted by the winter hibernation period but we got back on site in April 2014 to complete the trapping and the site was declared clear. In the winter we planted over 1,000 trees and shrubs of varying sizes and installed 6 hibernacula and 7 log piles as part of a habitat enhancement programme for the receptor area to the north of the site.

Newt Fencing – Wiltshire

JPR was commissioned to install 1,400m of newt exclusion and drift fencing on a site in the Cotswold Water Park in Wiltshire. The rush was on as the EPS licence arrived in late September and the fence needed to be in place by 1st of October to allow for the 30 days of trapping required. We installed the fence in time, although we were already committed on 2 concurrent projects, and the site was cleared in time for the developers to start that winter.

Newt & Site Security Fencing – North Bristol

In spring 2013, JPR was commissioned to install over 7,000m of newt fencing to prepare a site in North Bristol for a residential development. From the outset the fencing was subject to severe vandalism and following consultation with the client we were asked to suspend operations and focus on encircling the site with security fencing. We installed 2,000m of Heras fencing supported on 8 foot wooden posts to deter vandals. The newt fencing was then installed and despite atrocious weather conditions we managed to make up time and there was minimal delay to the project.

Newt & Reptile Fencing & Vegetation Management – South Bristol

In the spring of 2012, JPR was asked to cut back the vegetation on 4 areas of the Bristol Sewage Treatment Work in preparation for the installation of wind turbines. One area also required fencing and to trap out newts and reptiles and we installed a total of 1,400m of fencing in a number of stages. Construction was delayed by a number of factors and JPR was retained to manage the vegetation and maintain the fencing until the project could be started.


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