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Willow Spiling Prices

The best time to carry out live willow spiling work is between December and April when the willow is not in leaf.

Live willow stakes start at £7.50 each and we have the following sizes:

  • 80-100mm diameter at top,1m and 2m lengths
  • 50-80mm diameter at top, 1m and 2m lengths
  • Live willow bundles start at £24.50 each and are c. 250-300mm diameter at the base and 7 to 10' in length

    Longer stakes can be provided if necessary and there are discounts for large orders. All prices quoted here are exclusive of VAT and delivery.

    Costs for the supply and installation of willow spiling are typically in the region of £120 per square metre.

    Quantities: for spiling, 1 pole is recommended every 0.5m and 1.5 bundles of live willow will cover around 1 square metre of spiling. Stake length should be the required height of the spiling plus 1m (to go into the ground). Generally, the thicker stakes are recommended but the thinner ones could be used for lower spiling heights (i.e. less than 1m). Willow roots will withstand being 10/30cm under water and the occasional complete flooding in the year.

    We can assess your erosion control problem, often from photos emailed to us, and provide advice on solutions. We offer willow spiling, pre-planted coir rolls, combined solutions and river engineering. We can also deal with Environment Agency licences for work on watercourses if applicable.

    Call us on 01453 822584 or email us with your erosion control enquiry


    There are a few considerations to bear in mind when considering using willow spiling to prevent water erosion:

    Willow will not grow below the late spring/early summer water level - for erosion problems below this level a combined solution may be required. This could include the use of stones or hazel faggots to reduce wave buffeting.
    Willow does not grown well in shade. Existing tress may require coppicing before spiling is carried out.
    The watercourse needs to be large enough so that the willow will not dominate. Using live willow on small streams may not be suitable.

    Try our checklist to find out if willow spiling is for you.

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    Willow spiling
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    Hazel faggot erosion control
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