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History of JPR Environmental video transcript

I set up right about in 2000 as a sole trader growing and supplying native wetland plants for the landscaping industry, and quite soon realized that there was more of a need for our services amongst the wider landscaping role. That’s where developed the company, became a limited company about 12 months after that. Developing our role in services for specialist in wetland landscaping and landscaping for ecologists and for developers.

Over the years, we’ve grown a strong client base which is growing as we speak. The role now we see often between ecologists and developers supplying the needs for mitigation works on development sites for specialist erosion control, for specialist water treatment works, especially using reed bed filters.

At JPR today, we offer a number of services across the landscaping and construction industry. With our team, we’re involved in mitigation works on development sites where the developer often– pre-enablement works where the developer has to fulfil a number of criteria before they can start construction on site. That might include pond creation or pond planting, tree planting, tree clearance or hedge replanting, it works like that.

We also do water treatments works. We specialize in reed bed filters. We manage and construct a number of water treatment works every year specializing in either sewage treatment works or runoff from sites. Some of the clients we have, for example, there’s a client in mid Wales, a large timber yard. We manage the reed beds that treat the water that runoff off of their site.

Other works we are involved in is anti-erosion works on rivers. We use a lot of soft engineering approaches to that. It’s either using stone or using planting, willows very often, brush bundles are trapping silt. Trying to work with the nature of the river in order to solve an erosion problem, especially if it’s undercutting a piece of hard engineering. Some of the other areas we work in include wetland creation.

We’ve done a number of large scale projects over the years including lake construction, pond construction using various lining techniques. We do a lot of wet meadow creation, reed bed creation on a number of reserves. Especially all the gravel pits where the edges of the lakes have been fairly uniform in contours. We’ve done a number of works where we’ve created a varied edge to the lake and created a number of hectares of reed beds over the years.

The team at JPR, we’ve got over 10 staff ranging from project managers working on site or overseeing the project. Site supervisors managing the day to day health and safety on the site. Excavator drivers, landscapers, machine operators. We’ve got a wide, wide variety of skills within the team that we’re able to encompass most of our clients’ needs.

We’ve got a wide range of clients including large housing developers. Some of the large infrastructure developers, roads and railways. We do a number of works for the local wildlife trust right around the country. We work a lot with various ecologists working with developers. Often, we’re working directly for the ecologist on development sites. A number of private individuals if they’ve got large landholdings, we’re involved in some of the landscape-scale works including tree planting and pond creation, and things like that.

We work with a number of government agencies including local authorities and the environment agency over the years. People work with us because we’re a very good link between on the ecology side and the development side. We’re aiming to make the ecology achievable on site. Whether that’s through the erosion control, through the reed bed creation, through the mitigation works that developers have signed up to that they’ve got to do, we’re the ones who are able to produce that on the ground.