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Case Study: Combined solution using coir roll – Gloucester

Client: Gloucester City Council

Bank reprofiling for erosion control and flood prevention, Wotton Brook, Gloucester

Project outline

At an elbow of Wotton Brook a section of bank had been eroded. At high water events, as water backed up, areas of the park would flood. JPR were asked to redesign a 20m section of bank at the bend in the brook to prevent further flooding and erosion.

Services Provided

JPR Environmental installed pre-planted coir rolls on a bed of willow faggots at the base of the section affected by erosion to secure the toe of the bank. The higher section of bank was then reshaped and willow spiling installed to protect it during high water events. The outside bend of bank was re-profiled taking off about a metre in height for a 15m length to leave it 20cm higher than the mean water level.

This allows the brook to flow over the bank and therefore pass more smoothly during flood events and prevent kicking back that was occurring and the damage this was causing to the opposite bank. The re-profiled section of bank was planted with native wetland species. The spoil generated from the bank was used to fill some depressions in the park and on backfilling another erosion control project in Gloucester.