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Case Study: River engineering – River Avon

Client: Natural England, 2009

River Engineering Project – Bank Reprofiling on River Avon in Salisbury

Project outline

Natural England working with the Environment Agency had identified two stretches of bank on the River Avon as it passes through Salisbury city centre that were being weakened by the actions of water voles. As water voles and their habitats are protected under law works were designed to protect the bank by the installation of stone and brash into a corridor of geotextile support by stakes at least 50cm from the bank but following the existing profile. The installation of the corridor was undertaken by Natural England with the aid of volunteers over 2 weekends in the summer of 2009.

Services Provided

JPR Environmental was contracted to install the stakes to support the geotextile and therefore create the corridor to be filled with stone and brash. This involved the insertion of over 400 stakes into the river bed in two sections totaling about 200m. The work was undertaken in 2 tranches to coincide with working weekends arranged for local volunteers to get involved with the scheme.