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Case Study: Wetland design & construction at the National Perry Pear Collection – Hartpury

Client: Hartpury Historical Trust


JPR was able to create an extensive wetland on agricultural fields and, in the process, the Hartpury Historical Trust were able to quadruple the wetland area on the land from one to four hectares. This was part of the development of the site into the National Collection of Perry Pears.

 The design called for the new wetland to join the existing area and draw water from a number of springs across the site and is designed to flood to varying depths. The area includes islands, channels, scrapes and ponds and a marsh at the lowest point.

 JPR acted as construction managers for the project, managing all subcontractors and supervising all works including:

  • major earthworks
  • pipe installation between areas
  • construction of access points
  • fine tuning water levels
  • choosing suitable wetland plants and planting up the whole site

The works were extensive and far ranging and have resulted in a complete relandscaping of the site – the new wetland has been incorporated into the existing wetland creating a very natural-looking landscape.

The site is a fully established wetland and it is already home to a vast array of native fauna and flora.