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Case Study: Wetland reserve creation – Steart Marshes

Client: The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust 2014

Project outline

Rising sea levels are putting the squeeze on wildlife along our coast and a proactive project undertaken by the Environment Agency to address this is creating one of the largest new wetland reserves in England. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust have been contracted to undertake the management of the reserve, including the enhancement of visitor facilities and habitat mitigation works.

Services Provided

JPR Environmental were contracted to undertake wetland planting and grazing protection on some of the newly created freshwater ditches on the site. Over 12,000 plants were planted in the Spring of 2014 along the new ditch edges and 4,000km of temporary fencing erected to prevent the grazing of newly planted vegetation.

By the end of Autumn 2014, JPR was able to remove most of the fencing as the plants had become well established and beyond the need of fence protection.

JPR was able to complete the works on time and to budget which helped in the earlier stages of creating this new habitat – one of the largest new, wetland habitats in England

JPR designs and creates wetlands: from ponds and scrapes to lakes and large wetland habitation creation projects. JPR can also restore and manage existing wetlands for the benefit of people and wildlife.