District Level Licensing Survey

JPR Environmental is a specialist ecological works contractor.  We put in place the work recommended by ecologists such as installing newt fencing. 

JPR Environmental is conducting a survey into the introduction of District Level Licensing (DLL).

Here is short video from our Project Manager talking about the scheme.

The survey gathers views on whether the new scheme will help reduce time and money for developers when they apply for planning permission. The survey also looks at how the new licensing might impact on the conservation status of the great crested newt.

You can complete this survey and add your views to the detailed report presented at the CIEEM conference in the Autumn. 

The survey can be completed by clicking here

Great Crested Newt

Great Crested Newt District Level Licensing

About District Level Licensing

Natural England is introducing the District Level Licensing scheme after a pilot scheme in Woking.  DLL relates to the issue of great crested newt (GCN) licences.  England is the only region affected by the changes.  The district level approach (also known as an Organisational Licence) is an alternative to the current site-specific licence. 
One aim is that the changes will help the conservation status of the great crested newt.  It is also thought that it will help ease some of the issues individual developers come across when applying for planning permission. 
JPR Environmental are gathering views about the new scheme.  The results will then be presented at the CIEEM Autumn Conference in Glasgow.  Those who can not attend the conference can have a copy of the report, where necessary.