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District Level Licensing

District licensing of development affecting great crested newts (GCN) involves consideration of the conservation of this species at a geographical scale broader than the development site in question. It can allow harm to individual GCN and their habitat caused by a development to be compensated for by the creation and/or restoration of suitable amounts of new habitat elsewhere. District licensing can be operated by local planning authorities (LPAs) within their areas, or by groups of LPAs, or other bodies on their behalf, or by Natural England. At the heart of district licensing is the grant, by Natural England, of an organisational licence permitting the holder to authorise developments affecting GCN in cases where planning permission is granted.

Resources on District Level Licensing for great crested newts including:

Watch our short video of the workshop on DLL at the CIEEM Conference, November 2019

Resources and sources of further information on DLL: