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This erosion control project uses layers of stone and coir matting along with live willow.

A section of riverbank at Forty Hall in Enfield had been eroded when the waterflow was altered due to trees collapsing into the river channel.

The solution we chose was to:

  • level the exsting erosion to create a solid base for the new revetment
  • put in place a silt curtain whilst works were underway to stop debris from the works washing down the river
  • use layers of stone, soil and coir matting to created a graded infill into the eroded section of the bank
  • plant live willow cuttings between the levels
  • seed the top layer of matting with grass seed

This erosion control solution has worked well in an area which was difficult to access and where a hard landscaping solution would have looked out of place.

The revetment can barely be seen a few years on as the vegetation has grown over the area so that it blends in with the rest of the bank.

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