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Do you have a problem with bank erosion?

For land that is being undercut by a flowing watercourse or is suffering a landslide or slippage, a natural erosion control solution might be suitable.  

It is often cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use natural methods (sometimes referred to as soft engineering or bioengineering) along rivers, streams and lakes.

One of the most common forms of bank revetment using willow is willow spiling.  We have installed many hundreds of metres of spiling for bank stabilisation.  Where necessary, we will use other materials such as hazel, rock and stone, coir rolls and matting to combat erosion on waterside banks and to prevent and control flooding. 

Using natural materials has a number of significant advantages including:

tailoring the solution to the individual circumstances – saving you time and money
reducing the impact on the local environment and blending in with the surroundings – giving a softer finish
using less machinery than hard landscaping solutions – making projects possible where access is difficult
encouraging the repopulation by flora and fauna – making you feel better about the environment

Reducing the impact of works we undertake means that the recovery time is fast. After a single growing season it is often difficult to see that work has been carried out other than the new bank profile.

Willow spiling

A popular method of bank stabilisation uses willow spiling: woven, live willow rods between live willow stakes set into the bank at regular intervals to create retaining walls which hold the bank back. The willow grows a dense root mat to bind the bank together so that it can withstand erosion from wave action. 

River engineering

However, river engineering can involve more than just erosion control and JPR Environmental has also completed a wide variety of projects to control flow rates, remove obstructions and create temporary water storage lagoons.

Flex MSE vegetated wall solution

Flex MSE is a useful solution of installing bags along a bank to reduce slippage and erosion.  They can be installed in areas that are inaccessible and installation is often quick and efficient, typically requiring the minimum of tools.  Read more about this solution here.

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