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Howt Green Reservoir

JPR Environmental constructed a new farm reservoir at Howt Green in Sittingbourne last year.  The farm belongs to Goatham & Sons, one of the largest apple and pear growers in the UK.  The new reservoir will ensure that top quality fruits will be grown in the heart of Kent – often referred to as ‘The Garden of England’.

Goatham & Sons contracted JPR Environmental to design and build the reservoir with the plan being that it would fill with the winter’s rainfall.  This project involved large-scale earthworks and the movment of many 1000s of tonnes of soil.

Now that the reservoirs are in place, they can take the estimated 40,000 litres of rain that are likely to fall during the winter months, storing them for use next spring and summer.  This project makes good business sense for Goatham providing ready irrigation for their apple crops, but it also provides good habitat for a number of species that thrive in wetlands – so it makes good sense for the environment too.

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