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Reedbed Refurbishment – BSW Timber Yard

Could this large, commercial reedbed be refurbished?

A large timber company in Wales has had a reedbed treatment system in place for many years to treat the wastewater run-off from their yard including substantial amounts of sawdust and liquor from bark chippings.

Unfortunately, the reedbed had ceased to function effectively as wastewater was bypassing the inlet to the reedbed due to the accumulation of soil at the inlet area. The company was in danger of failing Environment Agency discharge checks so it was a matter of urgency that the reedbed system was refurbished.

JPR re-engineered the inlet and divided the existing bed into two compartments which means half the reedbed can be rested at any time. Resting the reedbed allows soil mineralisation to take place which makes the filtration more successful.

The client is very pleased with the result: they once again, have a reedbed treatment system that is effectively treating their wastewater.