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Reedbed and compost treatment system

The University of Bristol Veterinary School operates a farm with a large dairy unit. The run-off from this unit had caused a pollution incident in the local watercourse and it was decided that this would be treated in a wetland treatment system, consisting of a gravel filter bed followed by a series of grassland swales.

The University were also constructing a composting area for their Langford site which necessitated treating the run-off through a series of treatment beds – ending in a willow soakaway, so as not to contaminate the local watercourse.

JPR Environmental undertook the construction of the gravel filter bed combined with a series of swales in order to provide adequate treatment to the yard run-off prior to entering the local stream. A separate treatment bed was constructed, lined & planted to treat the compost run-off from their animal housing and landscaping at the Veterinary School at Langford.

All excavated materials were landscaped locally to reduce the environmental and monetary costs of soils being taken to landfill.

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