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White-clawed crayfish habitat enhancement

JPR undertook the installation of walling along a bank of river into which white-clawed crayfish were to be translocated.

The walling was created by putting blocks of stone and piping into layers of around 15cm each.  In the process, gaps and crevices were created between the layers to provide secure nesting sites for crayfish.

The re-development of an old mill site in Gloucestershire was to cause substantial disturbance to a watercourse known to be inhabited by white-clawed crayfish.  Environmental mitigation works had been agreed which involved the translocation of the crayfish to another stretch of the river on site. To maximise the chances of success, riverbank habitat enhancement works were agreed in the mitigation strategy. The Environment Agency specified that these works should not alter the size of the riverbank as this could lead to flood risks.

JPR was able to create the walling using materials on site and no waste materials left site at the end of the project.  We were also able to work with the Environment Agency restrictions and did not alter the profile of the riverbed.  Hopefully, the crayfish are enjoying their new residence.

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